A Flag Pole Holder with a Difference!

A new and innovative flag holder to honor veterans!

Introducing a porcelain flag holder for monuments of veterans. This flag holder is a new and innovative way of honoring those who have served their country. Pictured here you see a flag pole holder made of durable ceramic which holds the flag up off the ground and flies the flag proudly over the monument. It is attached to the stone by epoxy strips.

This is a very durable flag pole holder which is secured in place by two heavy duty epoxy strips. When applied as directed, it will adhere permanently in two to three days time.

If you or your group is looking for a great fund raising idea, this is it! To order this product simply select this link: Order Page

Some people ask "what makes this any better then the holders currently being used.� My response is they are up off the gound, out of the way of grounds keepers; they cannot be stolen. They fly the flag proudly over the monument and look much nicer then the traditional ones. They are also resistant to weathering and the growth of lichen because the glaze,when fired turns to glass. Please continue to view my webpage here and you will see how this holder looks on different parts of a monument.

Our flag holder is now available in both a subdued white and a stately black.

I hope you will be as impressed with this as many have been who have helped me make this dream a reality. Thank you for visiting

Oh and don't forget to place an order on the Order Page!

Monty Jennings

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